Thank you for considering Lori A. Seals Photography & Boutique!  If you choose our studio, you are not only choosing us to simply take your pictures, but to participate in an experience that you will enjoy and have fond memories of for a lifetime.  So, let me tell you a little about what you could expect when you contact our studio.



After you have contacted our studio about your photography needs, we would then like to schedule a consultation.  This consultation usually only takes about 20 minutes and we have found it to be very beneficial in planning any photography session.  During your consultation, we will discuss your session details and answer any questions you may have.  Then, if we haven’t done so already, we’ll officially schedule your photography session.



After your session has been scheduled, you will start receiving useful information on how to prepare for your approaching session.  Some of the exciting and exclusive information that you’ll receive from our studio includes our What To Wear Guide, more information about the products that we offer through our studio, last minute suggestions to help you prepare for your session, and more.  We have many years of experience helping our wonderful clients prepare for their perfect session, so if you start feeling overwhelmed or you just can’t decide how to dress yourself or your family, we happily offer years of experience as your resource.  Remember—we’re here to help!



One thing that we keep on hearing over and over again from our clients is that the session was…FUN!  We are always so thrilled to hear this because we want you to look back on your beautiful portraits with fond memories of a fun experience.  We try to ease everyone out of being uncomfortable and feeling awkward, and encourage them to enjoy the moment with each other.  So, get ready for the fun to begin!



Even though your photography session is complete, we make sure that your experience is not.  With such a precious investment, we want to make sure that you are completely satisfied with your entire experience – and that includes viewing your online portrait gallery and placing your order. 

Your beautiful portraits will be curated and uploaded into an online password protected gallery on our website.  Once your gallery is ready to view, we will send you a custom link to your gallery, along with your unique password and our simple step-by-step instructions on how to access it.  Our online galleries are super fun to view and they also offer a shopping cart feature so loved ones can purchase their own portraits from your photography session.

Your order takes place in the comfort of The Gallery in our studio, where you can find many of the print and specialty boutique items on display.  Our studio offers many print sizes and specialty boutique items, as well as a spectacular ordering system that allows you to view your images in The Gallery on a large television screen soon after your session.  You can then place your order and receive it in 7 business days or less.  This will help you enjoy your memories sooner!


Again, thank you for considering Lori A. Seals Photography & Boutique!  We are excited to work with you and we hope that you found all of this information useful in choosing your new portrait photography studio.     


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