The Organic Bloom is an exclusive frame line proudly brought to you by Lori A. Seals Photography & Boutique.  These unique and creative frames are offered in 16 modern and whimsical styles, and in over 50 beautiful colors.  The Organic Bloom frames feature distressed edges that can be accented with a black or brown glaze to give them a more antique and weathered look.  Please read through the FAQ below to answer more of your questions about The Organic Bloom frame line and what makes this frame line so special.        


I am interested in purchasing an Organic Bloom Frame.  Do I need to complete a session with your studio first? 

You are not required to complete a session with our studio if you would like to purchase an Organic Bloom frame.  Simply contact our studio to schedule an Organic Bloom frame design appointment.


Why do I need a frame design appointment when ordering an Organic Bloom Frame? 

Our studio is always thrilled when a client decides to invest in a new Organic Bloom frame!  We want to make sure that all of your questions about your new frame are answered, and that you take advantage of all of the perks that come with ordering such a beautiful, timeless frame.  

Your Organic Bloom frame design appointment will take place right in the comfort of our studio.  We will discuss which style and color you would like for your new frame, then we will use our specialized computer software to create your Organic Bloom frame right before your eyes.  But the fun doesn't stop there!  If you're adding a portrait print from a recent session with our studio, then we'll add the portrait that you've selected to your frame.  Are you curious what your new Organic Bloom frame will look like on your wall?  Supply our studio with a picture of the space where you'd like to hang your new frame, and we'll add your new custom designed Organic Bloom frame to your picture.  This way you will know exactly how your new Organic Bloom frame will look on your wall before you even order it!


How many styles and colors does The Organic Bloom Frame line come in?

The Organic Bloom frames are offered in 16 beautiful styles and over 50 color options.  You can view examples of all The Organic Bloom frame styles and colors here.  


Do the metallic paints have a different finish than the non-metallic paints?

Yes. Our metallic paints are composed of a different chemical composition than our non-metallic paints. Because of this, the finish of the metallic colored frames may have a rougher texture, metallic flakes, or subtle streaking or star-burst effects.


What is the difference between the single, double, twin and multi-opening Organic Bloom Frames?

The single Organic Bloom frame has no backing like the twin and double frames.  The double Organic Bloom frame is a layered frame with a square back.  The twin Organic Bloom frame is also a layered frame, but with a matching back.  The multi-opening Organic Bloom frame allows for more than one portrait to be displayed in a frame.

Below are photos showing the difference between the different frames:



Can I order an Organic Bloom Frame without the distressed edges?

They are not currently available without the distressed edges.


What glaze accent colors are available?

Currently, the Organic Bloom offers a black or brown glaze at an additional cost per frame.  The application of a black or brown glaze will change the overall color of the frame slightly. All of the frames come standard with distressing which leaves exposed wood around the edges. The black and brown glazes will stain the exposed wood the color of the glaze applied.  

Below are photos showing the difference between non-glazed and black and brown glazed frames. The non-glazed frames are featured on the top of the stack, with the brown glaze in the middle and the black glaze on the bottom:



Do the Organic Bloom Frames come with glass?

No, glass is not currently offered by the Organic Bloom for shipping reasons.  Instead, the Organic Bloom offers non-glare acrylic (1/8" plexi-glass) sheet inserts for their frames.  These acrylic inserts are not required for your frame but are recommended if you would like added protection for your portrait print.  Acrylic inserts are available at an additional fee and can be ordered with your frame.


Should I order my Organic Bloom Frame portrait print mounted?

Most of our clients choose to add a mount to their framed portrait prints.  We recommend adding a 1/4" Foamboard mount to portrait prints that are 8x10 or larger.


What should I expect when I receive my Organic Bloom Frame?

Every Organic Bloom frame comes fully assembled with a backing piece that is secured by flexible tabs and rubber bumpers on all corners.  The flexible tabs can easily be lifted to remove the backing so you may slide your portrait print in place, then just bend the tabs back down for a secure fit.  Hanging hardware is attached to your new frame as well.  Single frames 12x12 and smaller will have keyholes, and frames that are larger than 12x12 will have alligator hooks.  All Double/Twin frames have a pre-cut lip on the back of the frame and include monkey hooks.  Simply insert your monkey hook into your drywall and hang the frame utilizing the pre-cut lip.


I understand that the Organic Bloom Frames are ordered according to their opening size, but how will I know the exact overall size of the frame that I have ordered?

The overall frame size does vary from style to style.  Frames similar to Lucy and Lewis are some of the thinner frames, and June or Mary Ann are some of the thicker frames that The Organic Bloom offers.  Please see The Organic Bloom Outer Dimensions Guide here to view all single frame and multi-opening frame outer dimensions.  


When will I receive my Organic Bloom Frame once I order it?

These frames are custom built when ordered, so please allow approximately 2 to 3 weeks until your frame order is fulfilled and ready to pick up at our studio.


What do The Organic Bloom Frames cost?

Due to the many styles and customization options, we ask that you please contact our studio for our prices.




These Organic Bloom Look Books are a great way to visualize how amazing your home can look with your new portraits displayed in gorgeous Organic Bloom Frames!  Whether you want to display a single, twin or double frame, or really let out your creative side and design a stunning Organic Bloom Frame collage, you won't be able to contain your excitement when drifting through page after page of beautiful Organic Bloom Frame display ideas and creations.  Make a statement and proudly display your new portraits in a timeless Organic Bloom Frame.


The Organic Bloom

All Organic Bloom Frames and upgrade option prices are available in your online gallery shopping cart feature.  

Please contact our studio if you have any additional questions about The Organic Bloom Frame Line and their prices.  Thank You!