Lori A. Seals Photography & Boutique is now pleased to offer affordable studio rental opportunities to both veteran and up and coming photographers.  If you've always wanted to test the waters with studio photography then this is the perfect opportunity--and, best of all, it doesn't require a huge investment on your part.  Our two-story, 1,500 sq.ft. photography studio is conveniently located on the square in downtown Monmouth, IL. With three individual photography rooms, each equipped with its own lighting systems, props, backdrops, and accessories, you now can photograph your sessions any day, at any time.







One of the biggest benefits of photographing in a rental studio as opposed to the outdoors is the control you have over every aspect of your session. Shooting outdoors means that you have to contend with temperature, wind, rain, and every other environmental variable that could be tossed your way. Even the light can be unpredictable and change from soft to hard with the movement of clouds, and on longer sessions you can even run out of usable daylight.

In a studio, you always have full control and are sheltered from all those environmental variables. You can maintain consistency throughout your session, no matter how long that session might be. Your light can remain identical from 6 a.m. all the way through to midnight if that's what it takes.

In a studio, you also have full control of your backdrops and set designs, and you don't have to travel to get from location to location. You simply tear down and build up each set right there on the spot. You can add whatever elements you want, or create your own setting from scratch.



Usually, when photographers think about adding variety to their portfolios, they immediately think of outdoor settings. Different locations give you different looks, right? Well, sure; however, shooting in a studio doesn't have to mean just shooting on seamless paper or using uninspired backdrops.

Our studio has a diverse array of props at your disposal. We also offer many furniture options such as stools, chairs, benches, and even child-sized furniture pieces.  All these choices add up to an endless amount of possibilities that can create all sorts of unique images and styles.

Part of the appeal of using a studio is understanding how to use key elements to add texture, color, and composition to your images in a way that expresses whatever mood and idea you're looking for. You can completely fake an outdoor image by staging it in a clever way and shooting it in the studio. You don't have to travel enormous distances to exotic locations just to get the look and feel you are after for your portfolio. With a bit of imagination and some elbow grease, you can put together a simple set that will translate all the qualities of an exotic location, all from comfort of the studio.

Furthermore, our studio is equipped with professional state-of-the-art gear and equipment. Under normal circumstances, all this gear might be out of most photographers' budgets, but we've included the use of our equipment with your studio rental fee, which gives you that extra creative freedom to test out and play with all sorts of gear you may not normally have access to.



Renting our studio comes with some pretty great perks for you and your clients. 

  • Two-story, state-of-the-art photography studio conveniently located on the square in downtown Monmouth, IL.

  • Three separate photography rooms, complete with their own individual continuous or flash lighting units.

  • Unique and creative props, fun seating options and many beautiful and creative backdrops.

  • Climate controlled so you can dial in the exact temperature you want.

  • A consultation area with a big screen TV for your client sales and slideshows.

  • Square Bluetooth Chip Card Reader for your credit card transactions.

  • High-speed Internet connection.

  • Private sitting/nursing and dressing room.

  • Mini fridge and microwave. 

  • Stream music throughout entire first floor with Bluetooth, 6-CD or AM/FM Radio. 

  • Close parking lot and street parking proximity to our studio.

THE BOTTOM LINE:  Renting our studio offers you and your clients a safe, comfortable and professional year-round meeting and working environment.  Without any outside distractions, your mind can stay focused on producing quality work, and your clients will be more relaxed during their time in front of your camera.






Our studio's first floor houses the Consultation Area, the Family Photography Room, the restroom, a sitting/nursing and dressing room, and office.  

The Consultation Area provides the ideal setting for meeting with your clients before their session, and for presentation and payment after their session.  This space will add to your professional image by offering your clients comfortable seating, a big screen TV for slideshows, and a Square Bluetooth Chip Card Reader to finalize your credit card sales transactions.

The Family Photography Room is equipped with two AlienBee B1600 flash units with softboxes, two wall mounted backdrop units with accessories, many family-sized furniture options, and an assortment of large seamless paper and hand-painted muslin backdrops that will result in a beautiful, one-of-a-kind photography session.

The office, located in the rear of the first floor, is equipped with a mini fridge and microwave.  The rear of the first floor also includes a restroom and a private sitting/nursing and dressing area.  


Our second floor contains the Baby Photography Room, the Senior Photography Room, and the Prop Room.

The Baby Photography Room is a perfect space to photograph little ones from newborn to 2 years old.  This room is equipped with two Westcott Spiderlite TD6 continuous lighting systems (making it easier on the little one's eyes) and two shallow soft   boxes, two wall mounted backdrop units with accessories, the complete Posey Pillow starter set, many beautiful and colorful backdrops, and an assortment of blankets, headbands, rompers, and unique baby-friendly props.

The Senior Photography Room is a great space to photograph children of all ages, from toddlers to  high school seniors.  This room is equipped with two AlienBee B1600 flash units with softboxes, two wall mounted backdrop units with accessories, many trendy backdrops, and plenty of unique prop and furniture options to help make your older child or high school senior's portrait sessions stand out from all the rest.

The Prop Room contains many useful props and furniture for your child or that high school senior's session, along with a vast array of  colorful seamless paper, sparkly sequins, wrinkle-free cloth, and unique vinyl graphic-designed backdrops.

Whether you are photographing a growing family, capturing a little one's milestones, introducing a newborn to the world, documenting a senior's graduating year, or updating professional headshots, our studio offers it all at an affordable rate.