Do you want to earn lots of FREE 8x10 portrait prints?  ... I thought so!  I'm thrilled to offer this exclusive Senior Facebook promotion to you as my way of saying thank you for choosing my studio for your senior photography needs.  

So, what do you need to do to get all of these FREE 8x10 portrait prints?  



  1. Take a quick trip over to my Studio Facebook Page HERE.

  2. Once you're there make sure to "LIKE" my Studio Facebook Page so you can keep up with all of our announcements, events and to see more beautiful portraits.

  3. Once you've "LIKED" my page, thank you!, please scroll down until you've reached your sneak peek Facebook album.  

  4. Now this is the fun part ... Make sure to "like" and "comment" on your Facebook album and also each individual image in your Facebook album because every (20) "likes" and/or "comments" that you receive you will earn (1) FREE 8x10 portrait print!  

  5. Yes, it's really that simple! 



  • Make sure to tell all of your family and friends so they can help you earn more 8x10 portrait prints.  

  • How many 8x10 portrait prints can you earn with this very fun and easy Facebook Promotion?  You can earn up to (10) FREE 8x10 portrait prints, so that's only 200 "likes" and/or "comments" ... and is valued at $280!

  • How are your Facebook "comments" and/or "likes" tallied?  During your first order with my studio we will add all organic Facebook "comments" and/or "likes" up that are on your sneak peek Facebook album from my studio Facebook page only.  

  • What if you don't need these many 8x10 portrait prints?  No problem, I realize that (10) 8x10 prints may be a bit much, so I'm happy to offer alternative print options.

  • 8x10 Portrait Alternatives:  You may trade (1) 8x10 print for either (1) wallet set or combined (1) 4x6 & (1) 5x7 or (2) 4x6 prints.  Sorry, there is no studio credit for these variations.

  • This Senior Facebook promotion ends once you place your first order with my studio.



Please contact my studio for further information or if you have any questions about this Senior Facebook Promotion...

Thank You!